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“All Up To You!” – iPhone 5 Musical (shot and edited on iPhone 5)

“Everyone (or mostly everyone) now has a camera phone in their pocket. We want to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to get out there and start sharing their stories with the world,” Koerbel said. “This filmmaking era is truly the mobile movie-making revolution. In this day and age of YouTube shows and viral videos, no longer are the studios just in Hollywood.” (Thus the pair’s book, “The Studio In Your Pocket,” an attempt to capitalize on the phenomenon.)

“The Editor”

This suspenseful Russian action-flick received the runner-up award for the category of best film in the second iPhone Film Festival. Again, the iPhone 4 was used here (the iPhone 4S had yet to be released at the time) in addition to a shoulder mount from Red Rock, some car mounts and tripods were used to stabilize shots.
At just over 8 minutes long, the film tells three stories in one. There’s a touch of class with some thoughtful editing techniques and the voice acting is definitely a strong point (at least to a non-Russian speaker). According to director Chris Nong: “I didn’t use any app or lenses. I wanted it to be shot strictly on [a] phone”.


Story : A photographer walks around the woods to take some pictures, when something unexpected happens. Entirely shot on iPhone 4S.

“The Fixer”

The film that beat “The Editor” to top spot in the second IFF, The Fixer is a beautifully shot, superbly edited short created on an iPhone, by a few friends. It owes a lot of its success to the extensive post-production work, but maintains the “shot on an iPhone” look and feel.
It’s really not difficult to see why this won first place – the voice acting, make-up and score match the quality and stylish post-production techniques. There’s not much of a story, but a lot of technical expertise and time went into this one.


An entry into this year’s third iPhone Film Festival, Sharkoon is a quaint and comical tale of mythical sea beasts. The team used two apps to capture their footage – iSupr8 and almost DSLR – as well as a tripod for those still shots.
It’s short, sweet and all an entry into a mobile film festival needs to be. The acting is offbeat, the editing is tight and the music makes a fine accompaniment to the warm and simplistic world that this brief encounter takes place in.

“A Short Journey” (in Central London)

‘The Film Artist’ as he is known on Vimeo is somewhat of a master of shooting silky smooth iPhone video. In the first outing below, titled “A Short Journey 4S” the filmmaker strolls through his home city of London, capturing whatever strikes him with the help of a stabilizer called the Steadicam Smoothee.


GOLDILOCKS is an episodic mobile action series. Shot entirely on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.


Music Videos

“Nancy Lee” by Vintage Trouble

Play by BJSR Music Video

Play by BJSR. This Music Video was shot entirely on the new iPhone 3GS. Produced by Showdown Visual. Check out and for more music and videos. Music mixed and mastered by Connor Smith. Production Team: Alic Brock Kyle Brock Kenny Ben Rivet Actors: Steve Harman Ben Rivet Laura Sink Alan Strathmann Rodney Veal Jessica Zagory Equipment: iPhone 3Gs HD Glidecam 2000 Tripod Shoulder Mount DIY iPhone…

Vow to Vowels Music video

Music video for Vow to Vowels a song from My First Earthquake’s first full-length album: Produced in 48 hours and all shot on an iPhone with the help of David Fullerton: Ryan Bolin, Jason Csizmadi and DeEtta Cobra. Follow me and my agency here…

“This is the Moment” by Kevin Kaho Tsui

‘This is The Moment’ – MV Directed, Edited & Produced by Kevin Kaho Tsui
(Shot entirely with an iPhone 4) Original Music & Lyrics by Kevin Kaho Tsui

“Cascades” by Flakjakt &
Artist: flakjakt [Steve Failows] Song: Cascades Director/DP/Editor: Marty Martin Producers: Sam Toloui, Kelli Taylor

“Love Love Love” by Reyna Perez

Reyna Perez first video shot entirely on the iphone 3GS video camera. For more check out Reyna on facebook –

“Live in Your Light” by R. Vaughn

The first music video fully shot and edited on an iPhone 4 (in Hawaiʻi … ha … maybe).
R.Vaughn — “Live in Your Light” — Words and music by Ryan V. Gonzalez. Engineer/Producer: Matthew Honda Video: Directed, Shot and Edited on an iPhone 4 by John Garcia – Grip: KAG Location: Makapuʻu Lighthouse Trail, Oʻahu.

“Garosougil” by Wonsuk Chin & Yang Jinseok

Hi, my name is Wonsuk Chin and I’m a filmmaker currently based in Seoul. I directed and shot a music video with an iPhone 4 and I believe it’s Korea’s 1st iPhone 4 music video.

“Solace” by Rana June Sobhany

iPad DJ Rana Sobhany has released the music video for her song “Solace”. But as with everything she does, this video has a twist – the song was composed entirely on iPad and the video was shot on the iPhone 4. Buy Rana’s EP on iTunes today: Produced by Rana Sobhany Directed by David Kalani Larkins and Andrew Bowser

Shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 / iMovie App

VFX App Movies


This was made entirely on the iPhone 4S, including all shooting, color grading, editing, and special effects.

Action Movie FX made with iPhone

All effects & footage were done in about an hour on my iPhone using an app called Action Movie FX. The kids and I had blast. My little girl has been begging me to let her act in something.

Cinematic Video

Cinematic Shots

FiLMiC Extreme 50Mbit H.264 footage captured with FiLMiC Pro camera app on the iPhone 4S, edited in Final Cut Pro X. Basically just testing out grading options, sharpness, tonality, noise and flare etc. with the iPhone 4S as a serious filmmaking tool! The FiLMiC Pro app really makes a different.
All footage captured handheld and with the FiLMiC EXTREME quality option, encoding to H.264 at 50Mbit and variable framerate set to 24p. Noise gets all organic looking at such high bitrates.
Martin Wallgren Photography

Cinematic Shots At The Beach

Cinematic Shots

Some random scenes shot entirely with the iPhone 4S and edited in Final Cut Pro X. Captured using the FiLMiC Pro app with Extreme 48Mbps bitrate setting and 1080p24. Timelapse scenes shot as stills with the ‘TimeLapse’ app in full 8MP resolution and processed in Ps CS5 Extended prior to editing in FCPX.
Martin Wallgren Photography

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